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We are MODU Atelier

and we strive to offer you elevated,
everyday accessories at attainable prices.


We strive to make what was once considered an extra, an essential with deeper meaning. Everyone seeks to express their unique selves, and our collection fosters that place of exploration. That is the idea at the core of our company, re-envisioning your new essentials and adding a little joy along the way.

Our Founders

It started with two - Minju Kang and Caela Gillon. Growing up in the fashion retail industry and working with different businesses along the way has brought them together with a diverse background in business and product. Coming together with the common goal of leading and growing MODU Atelier as a female-led business with a focus on product and people. With attainably priced, high quality product as the north star, the duo has set out to create an assortment of elevated accessories that can be worn everyday and are designed with the intent that they can be worn by everyone.

We welcome you to the MODU Atelier collective, and we cannot wait to get to know you better.

Our Vendors

We take pride in the relationships we have built within our collective and prioritize all of our people.

Our vendors enable us to create the products we have the privilege to bring to our extraordinary customers. For that reason, and a host of others, we have ensured we create respectful and transparent working relationships with our vendors. The majority of our products come from our vendor in South Korea - a family owned and run business. They have over 15 years of experience in crafting unique and stunning accessories that live into MODU Atelier's quality standards. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail is like none-other. We are honoured to call them our partners and recognize them as the creators of the beautifully, unique pieces we have the privilege to offer you, our customers. They put the atelier in MODU Atelier.

Our Designer

Yuki is a designer with over 6 years of experience creating collections of footwear, leather goods, and jewelry for both high street and luxury brands. Jewelry making is her first love. Ever since learning how to metalwork as a teenager, she has continued to sculpt and construct one-of-a-kind jewelry as a creative outlet. She is so excited to bring her aesthetic and vision to the MODU Atelier team and loved designing the first collection of organic, wearable pieces.

She is truly one-of-a-kind, and so are her creations. We are grateful to work with such a creative soul and to introduce you to her jewelry.

Keep getting to know us...