In honour of Mother's Day approaching, we had a chat with Leanne about her work as a Stylist and how she navigates life as a working mother. 


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Leanne Mcloughlin


For starters, tell us a bit about yourself.

My parents immigrated to Canada in the 70s from Ireland, they're both from big families and they ended up having 6 kids (I'm number 5) so naturally I love being around people and feeling that sense of hustle and bustle in a house. I think being 1 of 6 kids has made me pretty adaptable to different types of personalities and environments as an adult, especially when I was working in the corporate world.

Now I'm a Stylist, focusing on selling vintage, secondhand clothing on my little IG shop (website coming soon!), Nuu (butnot). Since becoming a Mom and not going back to work full-time, this little side project has allowed me to stay creative and focused in a way. It's nice to have something that is just for me. I love thrifting because I can bring my son, Saje with me and it's always an adventure. I also hope that it instils a sense of love for our planet and resourcefulness with the goods he chooses to bring into his life when he is older - buying thoughtfully with a mix of old and new.

What I've been doing for fun lately involves going to the park with Saje, or now that the weather is warmer the beach. If I'm doing something fun for myself, it would involve hanging with some friends and having a good catch-up. 


How would you describe your personal style? And how did it evolve before and after becoming a Mom?

I'd say my personal style is pretty classic with some masculine vibes (maybe skater vibes in there too, haha). To paint a picture, I love denim, worn in t-shirts, oversized button-ups, and good jackets/coats. I'd say since becoming a Mom I've simplified my wardrobe– leaning into pieces that will last a long time, good fabrics and cohesive colours so I'm not having to think too much when I'm getting dressed. Everything in my wardrobe just kinda works together whether it's black and navy or white on white or just denim and a tee. Mind you, I've been feeling like I have some gaps in my wardrobe at the moment but I'm trying to find everything I need secondhand which can take patience and time. But when you find that perfect item it's worth the wait.


Tell us about your business! How do you reflect your personal style and your values in the work you do?

For Nuu, it's all about classics and basics, items you want in your wardrobe for a long time, not a short time. I pull a lot of inspiration from the 70s skater boy and the 90s (think Kate Moss and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy). My values for Nuu would be integrity and slow purchasing, that feeling of not buying from a state of consumption, but from a place of thoughtfulness. 


How do you balance work and motherhood?

I don't, haha. It's absolutely a work in progress. Saje has been my priority but as he gets older, I think I'll be able to shift things around a little and Nuu can gain more of my attention. I think I've had to learn the art of surrendering to the moment; some days things just don't go the way you had planned. 


What's the most rewarding part about being a Mom?

All of it really. I love seeing Saje explore the world. Right now, so many things are 'firsts' for him and it's really cool to witness. And for me, it's really shown me what I am capable of as a human. Motherhood changes you and expands you as a person. It's challenging at times, but raw and beautiful as well. 

Happy Mother's Day to those:
who are mothers
who long to be mothers
who have lost their mothers
who have chosen not to be mothers
who have good mother/child relationships
who have strained mother/child relationships
who have never had a present mother
who have lost children
Love, MODU
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