Sizing Guide


Sometimes it is difficult to know what ring size you are looking for - use one of the two options below to determine what size you need:

#1 Measure a current ring that you have as a guide to determine what size you should buy from MODU Atelier:

#2 Measure your finger using the below tool:

1. Follow this link and the below instructions to help you find the best size for you!

2. Print this PDF directly from your web browser or download to your computer and save as a PDF.

3. When you print the PDF, ensure:

    • Scaling is set to "NONE"
    • Print on 8.5 x 11 in. paper

4. Follow the instructions to ensure you printed the ring sizer properly

5. Cut out around the sing sizer and cut the line below "CUT SLIT HERE":

6. Wrap the ring sizer around your finger and slip the pointy part of the ring sizer into the slit that you cut. You can then read your ring size there (note there are further instructions on the PDF)


The below image shows where each length of necklace will hit on your neck or chest.

NOTE: the lengths are outlined on every necklace product in the measurements section)


Not sure where a certain type of earring should sit on your ear, check out the Ear Piercing Guide below.

NOTE: select earring styles offer suggestions on where to wear them in your ear in the product descriptions.